New Avenues for Youth Equity Statement

New Avenues for Youth imagines a community where all young people experience health, wellbeing, and a self-determined home. We understand that racism, poverty, and experiences of oppression lead to social injustice and housing instability for youth. Due to current and historical exploitation and racism, youth of color are disproportionately impacted. In order to advance equity at New Avenues and fulfill our mission, we must address how privilege has shaped our organizational culture, policies and practices.

New Avenues believes equity is an ongoing commitment without closure; in taking risks, we will learn from our mistakes. We will listen to and learn from young people’s lived experiences. We will seek multiple perspectives, strive for transparency, remain humble, and resist the urge to simplify or silence hard truths. We make these commitments because we believe in social justice and the inherent human dignity of each individual.


Internal Equity Support


Equity Team

Voluntary team of current New Avenues staff, from across different roles and departments who engage in the collective responsibility of nurturing and implementing equity within the organization.

Director of Equity and Inclusion

The Director of Equity works closely with HR, program staff, supervisors, and youth to support policy, consciousness raising, organizing, engagement, and restorative support.

Equity Specialists within Programs

Program specific, equity roles that are embedded within teams to support consciousness raising and engagement.

Black, Indigenous, and POC Staff Affinity Group

Monthly staff meet up for BIPOC staff interested in connecting, organizing, and growing within community.

Resiliency Funds

Allotted funds for Black, Indigenous, and staff of color to access for supportive leadership development opportunities.

BIPOC Equity Team Member Leadership Development Funds

Allotted funds for BIPOC E-Team members to access for supportive leadership development opportunities.

Internal Equity Foundations Onboarding

Equity Resource Guide Equity Overview During New Hire Orientation Program Equity Foundation Trainings Racial Equity Training Opportunities.

Equity and Leadership Workgroup

Monthly equity consciousness raising, awareness building, resource exchange, training and coaching opportunity for supervisors, managers, directors, and executive team.

Equity Library

Free and accessible equity libraries in each agency location. Visit a breakroom, sign out a book, read, return, and do it all over again.

Equity Newsletter

Bi-Monthly newsletter that highlights agency equity happenings, E-team updates, local cultural events and community resources.

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