Our Services

We Support Youth Experiencing Homelessness and Housing Instability

New Avenues’ services are designed to address the individualized needs and readiness of young people (ages 9-24) experiencing homelessness and housing instability. By recognizing the many barriers and challenges they face—poverty, struggles with addiction and mental health, disconnection from family due to sexual orientation or gender identity, and histories of involvement in sex trafficking, the child welfare system, and the juvenile justice system—we meet youth where they are and help them make positive change in their lives.

Our equity-based, trauma-informed services Focus in two key areas


Reaching young people early to stop homelessness before it starts.


Helping young people exit homelessness who are already experiencing it.

To address a wide range of youth needs, we offer everything from meals and counseling to job training and housing. With the support of our case managers, youth move through services at their own pace and follow their own path.

They may come to us through the Drop-In Center to meet basic needs, and then connect to Education to earn a GED. They may access PAVE for employment services and then get connected to Housing. They may enroll in our PDX-Connect program for youth transitioning from foster care and then access LGBTQIA2S+ services from SMYRC. They may get connected to family mediation and reunification services through the Alba Collaborative and support for reconnecting to school. Whatever their needs and goals, we are here for them at every stop along the way.

Impact of Your Contributions in 2020-2021

1,198 youth were served by New Avenues.

13,649 meals were served in our Drop-In Center.

500+ visits logged in East County through our Youth Opportunity Center, New Day Program, and Alba Collaborative.

150 job & internship placements were made through our Promotive Avenues to Employment (PAVE) program.

138 youth accessed services from SMYRC.

If you are a young person or service provider and want to see a complete list of our services, click here.