Services for Youth Transitioning from or Formerly in Foster Care

Independent Living Program (ILP) and Support for Accessing College

PDX Connect

PDX-Connect supports youth in or transitioning from foster care, has an ILP program (the largest in Oregon) that can help you develop skills and access mental-health support, job training and employment, LGBTQIA2S+ services, and other resources. Our Life Skills Coaches will regularly meet you where you are and work with you to set goals, navigate systems, and plan for the future. You may also be eligible for our New Meadows housing program for youth transitioning from or formerly in foster care.

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Avenues to College

Avenues to College (ATC) helps current and former youth in foster care access and succeed in college. Through one-on-one coaching, we can help you explore your college options, apply for college, and support you once you are enrolled.

We can also provide financial support for housing and other living expenses, help with your budget and scholarship opportunities, and connect you to additional resources.

 To be eligible for ATC, you must:

Be currently or formerly in foster care

Be 16-24 years old

Have a current or family of origin address within the city of Portland

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If you want to attend one of our workshops or learn more about Avenues to College, please contact our College Recruitment Specialist at 503-206-1666 or

Alternative Pathways Application


August F. Kalberer

This fund was created to honor August F. Kalberer and to continue his passion of creating opportunities for education, building success and giving back to the community.

The August F. Kalberer scholarship will provide financial support to current and former foster youth and opportunity youth served by New Avenues for Youth who are attending career technical education or post-secondary education. Funds may be used for application costs, tuition and fees, textbooks and supplies. Youth receiving funds will live in supported housing or independently, will participate in financial literacy and will continue to work with New Avenues for Youth staff to receive coaching around academic success, budgeting, and community engagement.

Primary Award Criteria:

  • Must be a current or former foster youth OR youth served by New Avenues for Youth
  • Must have completed your GED or earned your High School Diploma
  • Must be engaged in a New Avenues for Youth program
  • Must submit completed August F. Kalberer Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Process

Please complete the following application and answer the essay questions. The Scholarship Review Committee will consider all completed applications (this application and a separate letter of recommendation). New Avenues for Youth staff will contact applicants with decisions and inform them of next steps.

Essay Questions

No more than 50 words per question:

  1. Please take some time to write a brief biography about yourself, explaining your need for this scholarship and how this scholarship will aid in your goals of attending a career education program or post-secondary institution.
  2. How do you want to use your career training or college education to better the future for yourself or your community?

Expectations of Scholarship Recipients

  • Be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits for 3 of 4 terms during the academic school year
  • Continue to engage with New Avenues for Youth program staff
  • Participate in financial literacy course
  • Sign scholarship program agreement form
    Documentation of Community Service
  • Provide copies of grades/progress in program as requested

Letter of Recommendation

Request a letter of recommendation from someone who can describe why you deserve this scholarship. The Scholarship Review Committee would prefer the person recommending you be someone other than a New Avenues for Youth staff–examples include case worker, teacher, supervisor, mentor, etc. Please share the link below with the person who will be recommending you:

Avenues to College Application